Home Elevator

Home elevators not only increase the value of your home, but can also provide you stunning showpiece. At the same time, home lifts can allow the disabled and elderly to easily move about a multi-level dwelling. The term “home elevator” commonly refers to a lift enclosed in a shaet, and which can travel vertically as much as 15 m. (50 ft.). Home elevators make it easier to carry groceries, laundry or anything else from one floor to another. And today, they’re fully customizable-choose from a wide range of materials, such as marble walls or stained glass, to turn your home elevator into an expression of your own unique style!

Safe & Sound.... Less!

Hospital Elevator Products

(Stretcher & Bed Elevator)

Hospital Elevators provide easy transportation of patients and bulky medical equipment such as gurneys, stretchers and wheel chairs. These lifts feature sophisticated looks and operated smoothly. Hospital Elevators are available in a wide variety, capable of carrying between 15 to 26 passengers at a time. These elevators usually feature Center- opening, telescopic power-operated doors and easy to use for people.

Indotech Elevators

Capsule Elevator Products

(Panoramic Elevator)

Smooth operation comfortable travel

Our premium capsule elevators fast and highly cost-effective way to create a full-glass elevator solution for your building. There are multiple car models to choose from, as well as a wide range of interior design options and other customization possibilities.

Structure Elevator Products

For Existing Buildings / Villas without an Elevator

INDOTECH ELEVATORS offers multiple installation possibilities for buildings or villas with no prior provision for elevators. These are regular elevators that travel in a customized M.S. Tubular Structure with various options for cladding like and Aluminium Composite Paneling or Toughened Glass Enclosure.

We are proud to announce that we are the first company in Goa to introduce Tubular Structure Elevator Solutions.

We have extensive experience in this type of projects and we can offer comprehensive services and stay with you throughout the entire process.

Structure Elevator
Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic Elevator Products

A Hydraulic Elevator is driven through the use of an electric pump to move a Hydraulic jack. The large capacity of the elevator makes it suitable for transporting heavy loads.

MR Elevator Products

Traction lift MR

The company’s product range includes traction lift with machine room MR traction lift meet the need for  high speed and long trove! While saving energy.

MR Elevator
MRL Elevators

MRL Elevators Products

Traction lift MRL

For building with limited space Indotech Elevator designs traction lifts without machine room MRL. MRL lifts are ideal for medium-long travels with energy, while no extra space is required for the engine room.

Goods Elevator Products

(Freight Elevator)

Bear any heavy load at ease. easy transport

We apply the fully computerized modular elevator special control system, effective a reliable drive mode, sensitive and flexible VVVF variable frequency door machine for INDOTECH serial freight elevator so that our elevator can have relaxed transport under various work conditions. High strength car structure, anti-collision strip, photocell door setting can satisfy all kinds of the freight transport. They are also applicable for different building structures. As a result, we can tackle more and more transport tasks at ease an create a completely new freight carrying concept as well.

Goods Elevator