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INDOTECH ELEVATORS is adamant on making elevator travel as comfortable it can be for our passengers and make them enjoy the ride.

Reduced Noise

INDOTECH ELEVATORS has tried to ensure that the passenger is travelling in almost comfort by making a elevator so silent that you can ride in with mental peaceint Technology

Integrated Drive

INDOTECH ELEVATORS Integrated drive in ensures that the elevator accelerates or decelerates in a smooth S-curve to provide smooth and comfortable ride to the passenger.


About us

Indotech Elevators founded in Hisar Haryana, in India in 1999. Our main purpose was to produce Elevator Components such as Li cabins, Safety-frames & Doors to meet the local market needs. In 2002, the company pioneered and started producing designer cabins with operating Panels & doors, producing all its products exclusively in-house. Indotech Elevator, upward and successful trajectory, led our Company to the expansion of its Facilies. In 2008, wanng to meet the ongoing needs and desires of its customers Indotech Elevator decided to offer complete solutions. In 2017, it opened a branch in Hisar in order to beer serve the needs of elevator components. Since then, the company continuously aiming to serve the market, has managed to achieve a strong presence in both the national and the international li sector.

Years of Experience
Elevator Manufacturers in Haryana

Indotech Elevator Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of Elevators. Elevator Manufacturers in Haryana The extensive gamut of Elevator offered by us chiefly includes Traction Elevator, Passenger Elevator, Freight Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Automobile Elevator, and Traction Elevator Cabins. We import optimum quality raw materials and parts for manufacturing and developing the Elevators. Besides, we are also reckoned for offering a wide spectrum of services including Elevator Installation, Elevator Repairing, and Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.

Our dedicated workforce always puts clients’ requirements as their topmost priority. Quality testing is done before delivering our products to the clients as well as in the market. Timely delivery of the consignments, proper facilities, excellent resources, diligent team, and long term relations with clients are our hallmarks. Moreover, our R&D department keeps us updated regarding latest developments in the market and is constantly responsible for our top class services and products. 

Elevator Manufacturers in Haryana

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The foundation of the organization is completely dependent upon our diligent team of human resources whose continuous dedication and commitment has persistently yielded exceptional outputs. Our team of expert professionals keenly perform every task ethically and honorably giving due concentration to deliver safe and convenient products. Our work force’s experience and genuine efforts fully aid in smooth production and supply of superior quality lifts, elevator, and escalators for carrying people, automobile, and industrial materials. Because of its quality has driven approach and determined mission to deliver excellent output, the company is highly valued for its world-class quality. Moreover, the products are easily available in diverse specifications, sizes, and grades to match up the client’s diverse needs and requirements.

What We Do

Our Services

Elevator Manufacturing

We design and manufacture a variety of elevators, including passenger elevator, freight elevator, and home elevator. Our elevators are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and are built to the highest quality standards.

Elevator Installation

Our team of experienced technicians provides elevator installation services to ensure that our clients' elevator are installed safely and efficiently. We adhere to industry standards and guidelines to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

Elevator Modernization

We offer elevator modernization services to upgrade our clients' existing elevator with the latest technology and features. Our modernization services can improve elevator performance, energy efficiency, and safety.

Elevator Maintenance

We offer elevator maintenance services to keep our clients' elevator in top condition. Our maintenance services include regular inspections, lubrication, cleaning, and repairs.

Elevator Repair

We provide elevator repair services to address any issues or malfunctions that our clients' elevator may have. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of elevator issues.

Elevator Consulting

We offer elevator consulting services to help our clients make informed decisions about their vertical transportation needs. Our consulting services include elevator design, code compliance, and safety assessments.

All Types Of Integrated Control Panels

Indotech Elevators features a wide variety of operating panels for lifts with great flexibility in special construction.

System For Lift control

Best MR Elevators Service of dotech Elevators
MR Elevators

Integrated Controls System For

Best MRL Elevators Service of Indotech Elevators
MRL Elevators

Integrated Controls System For

Best Hydrolic Elevators Service of Indotech Elevators
Hydrolic Elevators

Integrated Controls System For

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When it comes to elevators, one brand stands out as the epitome of excellence – Indotech Elevators. With their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Indotech Elevators not only raises you physically but also emotionally. Elevate your living experience with the best in the industry. Choose Indotech Elevators and rise to new heights with confidence.

The terms “lift” and “elevator” are often used interchangeably, but they essentially refer to the same thing. Both are vertical transportation devices designed to move people or goods between different levels of a building. The choice between “lift” and “elevator” is largely a matter of regional and linguistic preference. In the United States, “elevator” is the more commonly used term, while in many other English-speaking countries, “lift” is the preferred term. So, there is no substantial difference between the two; it’s primarily a matter of terminology.

Elevators operate on the fundamental concept of controlled vertical movement. They rely on a powerful motor, pulley system, and safety mechanisms to transport passengers and goods safely between different floors of a building, providing convenience and efficiency in vertical mobility.